Top Builder eFlyers for September, 2017

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Below we have the list of top performing BDX Connect builder campaigns for September. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at with your feedback!

#1 - Destin Custom Home Builders Subject Line: Developer Offers $50k Realtor Bonus on Regatta Bay Showcase Home

This Destin Custom Home Builders campaign has strong photography and a video link for the top image, which encourages more clicks. This design is available to use with BDX Connect campaigns as one of our free templates.

#2 - Mattamy Homes Subject Line: 3-Hour CE Legal Issues Course

Since continuing education is required for real estate agents agents in many cases, this is a great service that builders can provide to enrich local agents and build relationships. It's also a great way to show off your products if the classes take place in one of your model homes!

#3 - Garrette Custom Homes Subject Line: This Saturday Grand Opening! Master Planned Community with Golf Course Home Sites

This grand opening flyer gives a wealth of information about the community and product.

#4 - Summit Homes Subject Line: First Homes Just Released at Jazz Run in Issaquah

Up-to-date information is key in agent email campaigns. Notifying agents right away when new product is available gives them a sense that they are "in the know" and helps to build trust.

#5 - City Ventures Subject Line: Earn $41,559 + in Commissions to Brokers - We cooperate with Brokers!

Showing the co-broke percentage for selling a home is common, but being specific about the estimated an agent will receive is even more helpful and can catch the attention of an agent who potentially has lots of different opportunities in the market.

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Top Builder eFlyers for August, 2017

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Below are the top agent eFlyer campaigns from August. We've included some commentary on what made each of these successful, which should help with your future email efforts. We feel that some strong choices with photography and the inclusion of community maps were two big factors in this month's selections. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at with any feedback!

#1 - Whispering Pines Subject Line: Join us for the Discovery Model Tour THIS Saturday!

This Whispering Pines eFlyer includes an elegant header, organized information and well selected images.

#2 - David Weekley | MN Subject Line: David Weekley Homes Invites Your Clients to Start Packing

This David Weekly Homes flyer includes concise copy and highly visible calls to action.

#3 - M/I Homes | DC Subject Line: Tomorrow: Agent Open House at Majesty West in Alexandria

An attractive bonus helps this flyer stand out. There are also video links included at the bottom to find out more about the company.

#4 - Lennar | CO Subject Line: Realtor Appreciation Event - 4% Commission!

Lennar flyers include important details of their message at the very top, which allows the agent to get what they need without scrolling, and also an easy to read community map.

#5 - Consort Homes Subject Line: New Homes in Wildwood from the $400s

This campaign uses a newsletter format with easily visible content headers.

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Top Builder eFlyers for July, 2017

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We looked through our agent email campaigns from July and discovered some trends they have in common that helped them receive better results. We want to share with you some of these best practices that can help your messages resonate with agents. As always, we would love to hear your comments regarding this information. Please email us at with any feedback!

#1 - Toll Brothers | NY Subject Line: You're Invited to a Realtor Open House & Lunch at Summit Estates at Westchester!

This Toll Brothers event eFlyer has a clean design with well positioned dates, hours and call to action sections for interested agents to get the necessary information to attend their events.

#2 - LStar Grande Dunes Subject Line: Grande Dunes Properties for Sale - July 2017

LStar Ventures includes a lot if info in a small amount of space on each of its inventory homes.

#3 - Mayhood Quarry Springs Subject Line: Quarry Springs Special Broker Update

This Quarry Springs email design includes a wealth of photos and a lot of well-organized details.

#4 - Sigma Builders Subject Line: New Homes at the Bridgewater Club for $299,000 Model Open

This campaign for Sigma Builders uses one of our pre-made styles available for free. Click here to see our list of available styles.

#5 - Allen Edwin Grand Rapids Subject Line: New Quick Move In Homes Available!

This Allen Edwin flyer was a fully custom design created by our staff, including a lot of detail for each inventory home.

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Top Builder “Event” eFlyers for June, 2017

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Last month we covered the best practices for Event eFlyers featuring our top performing campaigns. For June, we have six more event-driven campaigns that show even more options for this type of marketing. As always, we would love to hear your comments regarding this information. Please email us at with any feedback.

#1 - Richfield Homes Subject Line: New Homes from the High 200's

Richfield Homes provided an attractive flyer that showcased the beauty of the region which possess stunning views, the flyer had “spot on” information of the event and additional interior picture details of the new model home.

#2 - Berks Homes Subject Line: Muddy Boots Tour Preview of Eagles Crossing

This flyer was an invitation to a creative Muddy Boot Event for an exclusive real estate agent event.

#3 - Beazer Homes Subject Line: Don’t Forget to RSVP!

Beazer Homes hosted a wine pairing event as part of the home tour and there was also a gift card as a prize. The main image was a beautiful shot of the home.

#4 - Keystone GASC Subject Line: Don't Miss Out on Today's Grand Opening

Besides the general info on the event, they also included a picture to show the website as an interactive way to search for more info.

#5 - Toll Brothers | Reno Subject Line: Join the Fun this Saturday - Regency Clubhouse Grand Opening!

An example of a clean design, showing the event information at the very top with a strong blue color. Pictures always add extra value to have a better idea of the selling homes.

#6 - Lafferty Subject Line: Open House Thursday at Oakwood Shores! 4% Broker Co-op!

This campaign emphasizes outdoor homes design. Adding the directions as part of the invitation and a link where you can see the homes makes sure that the agent has all the information about the product.

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Top Builder “Event” eFlyers for May, 2017

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For the month of May, we selected our top performing event eFlyers so we could share a variety of options for targeting agents for your real estate agent events. Each of these have a slightly different style but also elements that helped them received a higher-than-average response. As always, we would love to hear your comments regarding this information. Please email us at with any feedback.

#1 - Lennar - River Walk Subject Line: Tomorrow at River Walk - Lunch and Special Commission!

For event eFlyers, communicating the event type, time and place clearly is very important. Lennar, as our first example, used large fonts right at the top of the email explaining who the event is for, as well as the time and place. Directly underneath they also show the agent offer they currently have running and an RSVP link.

#2 - NV Homes - Greenleigh Subject Line: You're Invited to Greenleigh's Realtor Reveal Event

NV Homes uses a lot of exclusivity in its language on this event email, making sure to call out that it's an invite-only event for agents with a catered luncheon and special pricing available for their clients. All of this shows the agent that they will be attending something special and catered just to them.

#3 - Richfield - Summer Hawk Subject Line:  Join us for a Taste and Tour of our new model in Summer Hawk at Fox Meadow

This client has highlighted the location of their event, making sure that the mountains and lakes of the region take center stage in the first third of the email. They also show three home plan options at the bottom to give agents an idea of the product.

#4 - Bosa Development - Savina Subject Line: Invitation to Savina Public Preview

Builders like to have a list of who is going to their events so they can organize activities and manage expectations. An RSVP button will get your there, so make sure it's clear and easy to locate with an outstanding color and font. The contact information is also important for these invitations, as interested agents will have other means to RSVP or contact you for more information regarding your gathering.

#5 - CalAtlantic - Ironwood Subject Line: Grand Opening Broker Event at Ironwood at Whitney Ranch

This event flyer for a CalAtlantic community in California uses an attractive template that strongly highlights the date and time of the open house preview.

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Top Builder eFlyers for April, 2017

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From our eFlyers sent in April, we chose several campaigns that implemented design best practices which allowed them to stand out and perform better in open and click rates. To get a sense of what made these campaigns successful, we present you with the top 5 for this month below. As always, we would love to hear your comments regarding this information. Please email us at with any feedback.

#1 - Toll Brothers - National Sales Event - Denver Subject Line: Don't Miss Our National Sales Event - April 8-23, 2017!

This eFlyer was sent out for a National Sales event to multiple markets, however they did small changes on the artwork to personalize for each area. The design is clear and easy to read, emphasizing the name of the event, the date and a main idea (be able to personalize the home).

#2 - Quarterpath - Williamsburg Subject Line: Quarterpath. A new community designed around total wellness.

On this eFlyer, Quarterpath used one of our proven templates, with a personalized newsletter style around their main concept of wellness. The photo selection also helps to highlight the community's lifestyle.

#3 - Ashton Woods - Phoenix Subject Line: Save Now on Quick Move-In Homes

Ashton Woods caught readers’ attention with a well-thought design on this Phoenix Division eFlyer. They start with an inspiring image, followed by a header that adds valuable content for the recipient and then a clear call to action that is placed near the top.

#4 - Centex - Killeen Subject Line: Join Us for a Realtor Happy Hour at Pluckers 4/26!

This eFlyer by Centex in Texas let the recipients know exactly what to expect once they opened the email, an invitation to an event (Broker Happy Hour) thanks to the use of a good subject line that grabs the attention quickly. The content used a clear and basic image to describe the event tied with a good use of color and also a selected list of inventory homes.

#5 - Brookfield Residential - Travilah Station Subject Line: You’re Invited: Travilah Station Realtor Lunch on April 27

Brookfield Residential emphasizes the idea of townhomes, location and price, followed by a rendering that gives a better idea of the community. They have included a gift card offer and the commission rate that agents will receive, and a longer design with large buttons that easily adapts for smartphones screens.

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Top Builder eFlyers for March, 2017

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From our eFlyers sent in March, we chose several campaigns that captured open and click rates up to 40% higher than our averages to get a sense of what made these campaigns successful, and the results are below. As always, we would love to hear your comments regarding this information. Please email us at with any feedback.

#1 - GL Homes Subject Line: Attend Havana Nights March 16th at The Ridge at Wiregrass Ranch

Here’s a sample of a successful campaign by GL Homes that first grabs the attention with pertinent information on the subject line, providing the "what, where and how" in an effective way. It then leads into the flyer that has an inviting and attractive design complementing with additional details and a direct link to the RSVP which generated and important open rate.

#2 - East West Communities Subject Line: Founders Pointe REALTOR® Luncheon, $500 in Cash Prizes

This eFlyer by East West Communities proves that a notable campaign starts with a great subject line. The flyer announces an event at the Founders Pointe community, but it provides the recipients with a good reason to check the flyer: it advertises a cash prize. The design is coherent and welcoming with an interesting use of fonts that are well-thought-out and that makes it quite visible on a small mobile screen, highlighting all the relevant information and reinforcing the benefits for the attendees.

#3 - Taylor Morrison Subject Line: Exclusive Agent Event at Esplanade Lakewood Ranch Garden Condos

Subject lines have to be speak directly to their intended audience to get the most attention, that´s exactly the case for this Taylor Morrison eFlyer when using the wording "Exclusive Agent Event" as well as the light and bold font variants for emphasis and impact, such as the contact methods regarding the event, an easily accessible call to action for recipients.

#4 - Classic Group Subject Line: Take Your Clients to Anne Arundel County’s Most Significant New Home Community - Two Rivers

This is a great example of a visually attractive design, using an artistic pop of color to catch agents' attention while also being easy to read and understand. At the bottom, they clearly define the difference between their Active Adult and Single Family communities with colored blocks and call to action at the bottom of the e-flyer.

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Top Builder eFlyers for February, 2017

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From our eFlyers sent in February, we chose several campaigns that captured open and click rates up to 40% higher than our averages to get a sense of what made these campaigns successful, and the results are below. As always, we would love to hear your comments regarding this information. Please email us at with any feedback.

#1 - Turner Hill Subject Line: You’re Invited to Lunch at Turner Hill

Emails should be easy to read, providing a flow that can allow openers to understand your message. Using fonts with different sizes, like this Turner Hill eFlyer, will help readers identify the most important content within the email. For events or invitations, the where (location) and when (time and date) should stand out from the rest to catch the recipient’s eye.  

#2 - Millennium Tower | Boston Subject Line: This is one of only 11 in existence

The design on your eFlyer needs to reflect the style of your community, and here is a great example of a clean and well-balanced design that proves that less is more. Millennium Tower goes with a minimalist and elegant style for the eFlyer that goes along to showcase a unique view from one of the residences using a gallery-like design. The headline, description and contact information are all centrally focused and the bold text  highlights the important details in a subtle way, overall, the entire email becomes an attractive call to action.

#3 - LStar Ventures | Grande Dunes Subject Line: Exquisite Home for Sale in Grande Dunes

Personalization is a key point when trying to reach your agents. Having a specific sales person that they can contact will trigger readers to contact you for more information. In this LStar Ventures email, the information of the sales agent is provided in an easy to read format. Make sure an email address and phone number are provided when creating your email design.

#4 - NVP | Stone Crest Subject Line: Move up to a new home at Stone Crest, Warrenton VA

Use colorful and eye catching images at the top of your email flyer, and set them up as links to more images and references to your community or home being advertised. Less is always better, and this also applies to the photographic assets within the contents. Make sure to select the ones that will associate to the message being delivered, like in this NVP eFlyer when the photos used match the content.

#5 - BNE | Pearl River Subject Line: Earn One Month's Commission at the Club at River Pearl!

Make yourself contactable. Include a phone number, email address, mailing address and your home page so your agents have multiple ways of getting in touch and take your clients to the sponsored community. Have all these options work as clickable links so it's easier for them to take action on the first step to visit your community.

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